Banana Nut Muffins

We tend to have a lot of bananas on our hands. If we don’t eat them fast enough, I end up with lots of ripe bananas. This is not necessarily a problem, as I can put them into smoothies or bake some sort of bread or muffins.

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Parmesan Thyme Popovers

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and I hope you had a good holiday if you celebrated. This year there were just three of us but I kept very busy in the kitchen like usual. I made a lot of traditional American dishes like baked ham, stuffing, potato gratin, and pies. Like usual I also served bread. Normally I buy dinner rolls from the store but this year I made something new: popovers to go with my ham feast.

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Llapingachos Oregon Style

Sometimes I lose track of what is in my pantry. I periodically must go in and dig around to see what I have on hand. This last time I rediscovered a couple of things that a dear friend brought for me from Ecuador several months back. One of them was a jar of refrito paste, which is a form of spice paste that has a number of ingredients including Annatto powder. Another was a jar of red palm oil, something I had never bought or cooked with before.

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