Beef Meatloaf

Recently I was asking my family what they wanted for dinner. My husband said meatloaf because he had heard someone talking about it recently and used to eat it a lot as a child. To be honest I haven’t eaten or made homemade meatloaf for a long time. My mother in-law used to make beef meatloaf for us when I first came to the USA in 1997. I remember liking it and remembered that she served it with mashed potatoes.

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Mushroom Burger with House Sauce

It seems like there is no end to possible burger recipes, and I wouldn’t bother you with another except this one is pretty unique. My house sauce is probably like nothing you’ve tasted, as it has hints of sriracha and cinnamon as well as other more standard ingredients. As you can tell from the name, this burger has mushrooms, but this is a “blended burger” meaning that the mushrooms get into the burger in a creative way.

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