Pecan Cheese Cake Pie

Do you have pies on your mind, like I do? I think about pies and other baked goods in the weeks before any holiday. Even though I try to think of something very new, I often end up making the same stand-bys again and again. There is nothing wrong with making an old favorite, but I finally got around to making something entirely new this week.

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Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is coming up and I decided this is a great time to make a couple of pies. I asked my son what he wanted and to my surprise he suggested a pecan pie. This pie is made from pecan nuts, of course, and has a sticky delicious filling made with corn syrup, sugar, and eggs. Pecan pie has a very distinct flavor that I love. It’s something that we don’t eat frequently. I do make pies for holidays, but my tendency is to make a pumpkin or apple pie. We have bought pecan pie from the grocery store on occasion, but it usually seems too sweet for my taste.

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