Pan Fried Salmon with Beurre Blanc

About a month ago I celebrated my birthday with some of my dear friends. One of the gifts I received that day was a whole salmon. It was pretty big and I was thrilled, as I like salmon.

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Zesty Salmon Patties

Every month I go through my pantry and find things I need to use up. This month it was two cans of salmon, and I decided to use them to make salmon patties. Salmon patties are so versatile — they can be used for salmon burgers, a salad, or in a rice dish with vegetables. You might already know how to make salmon patties, as they are common in many parts of the U.S. I hope you check out this recipe, however, because you might have never had salmon patties with the combinations of spices and textures that I use below. It’s not overly spicy, but is more interesting than some of the salmon patties you might have had.

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Popeyes-Inspired Cajun Fish Sandwich

Over the past year, Popeyes restaurants have grown tremendously in popularity due to their fried chicken sandwich. Now they’ve launched a Cajun fish sandwich, and I knew I had to go and try it. I really like the simplicity of a fried fish sandwich, and Popeyes was indeed pretty good, especially given that it’s not too expensive. What I really wanted was to make it at home, however. All you need is a fried fish patty, tartar sauce, and pickles sandwiched between soft, toasted buns.

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Thai Shrimp Fried Rice

Most of the rice dishes that I feature on my blog require fresh-made rice. When I make fresh rice, I usually make much more than necessary so that I have cold leftover rice to use another day. The cold leftover rice works great to make fried rice, which is today’s quick and easy recipe.

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Clam Chowder

We are pretty lucky to live close to the ocean. By car it’s only one hour away. One of our favorite things to do is eat lunch at an oceanside restaurant and order a bowl of clam chowder. Sometimes you can get it in a bread bowl. The taste of the chowder can vary quite a bit from restaurant to restaurant. They also vary in terms of how much clams you get versus other ingredients like potatoes.

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Cullen Skink (Fish Stew)

To me, smoked salmon is a luxury item that I don’t get to enjoy all the time. I like it on a salad or just with cheese, crackers and a glass of wine. I like smoked salmon that is lightly smoked and melts in your mouth. I like to collect the skins and then make fish broth with it.

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