Chicken Enchiladas

We celebrated my husband’s birthday this week with lots of friends at our house that we’ve known for a long time. I decided to make the group some of our favorite Mexican dishes like pork carnitas and chicken tinga. It was hard for me to calculate how much food to buy and I ended up buying too many rotisserie chickens (3) for making the chicken tinga.

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Massaman Chicken Curry

I love Thai food, especially the curries. I have made red, green, tofu, and massaman beef curries many times and have the recipes here for you to try. Out of all the curries I think massaman curry is my favorite. It is relatively easy to make as there are not-too-many ingredients. I start with a store-bought curry paste to cut down the time and cost. I have found that ready-made Thai curry pastes are plenty good enough when you crave restaurant-quality food at home!

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