Vanilla Yogurt Coffee Cake

Cinnamon and sugar is such a wonderful combination. I didn’t grow up eating to many sweet treats in Bangladesh. After I moving to the states, I have tried variety of things with cinnamon and sugar.. A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on a buttered toast?! One of my favorite things is to get an elephant ear or funnel cake made with cinnamon sugar at a local event like the county fair.

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Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is coming up and I decided this is a great time to make a couple of pies. I asked my son what he wanted and to my surprise he suggested a pecan pie. This pie is made from pecan nuts, of course, and has a sticky delicious filling made with corn syrup, sugar, and eggs. Pecan pie has a very distinct flavor that I love. It’s something that we don’t eat frequently. I do make pies for holidays, but my tendency is to make a pumpkin or apple pie. We have bought pecan pie from the grocery store on occasion, but it usually seems too sweet for my taste.

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