Chicken Jalfrezi

Once in awhile I like to pick up a bag of hybrid mini sweet peppers at the grocery store. You can eat them raw, with a dip, stuffed with ground meat or tofu, or put them into a stir fry or curry.

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Madras Beef Curry

Last week I was looking through my old cook book of curries from around the world. One of the beef recipes caught my eye. It is called Madras beef curry made with chunky potatoes and peas. This curry sounded very delicious, easy, and simple as it uses ready-made curry paste. I thought I can make some since I had some madras curry powder on hand.

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Shrimp Curry with Cucumber

Shrimp and freshwater prawns are two of my favorite things to eat. I could eat these pretty much everyday if available. One might think that shrimp and prawns are the same thing but they’re not. Check out this link to see the difference.

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