Egg and Potato Curry

Our chickens have been very productive, giving us three eggs a day. I have been saving some to make my special egg curry which I will be sharing with you today. This curry is so good that my husband prefers it over almost any other curry, even though it’s vegetarian.

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Egg Malai Curry

One of the fun things we did this past year was to get three chickens. It’s been really fun for our family to see them grow over the the past few months. It took a while, but the three hens are now each producing one egg per day. We are collecting enough that I’ve had to start looking for egg-based recipes to use up the eggs that are filling up my refrigerator.

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Ají de Cerdo (Pork Chili)

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend. She mentioned a stew she used to have — and loved — in Ecuador. The name of the stew was Aji de Carne (beef chili). This chili was made with onion, tomato, beef, plantain, peanut, milk, and other ingredients. Just listening to her description of this flavor-packed stew made my mouth water. I immediately set out to figure out how to make this recipe in my kitchen.

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