Monkey Bread

This bread is one of the easiest and tastiest treats I’ve ever made or eaten. I’ve been making this bread for the past 20 years and don’t recall where I learned it.

With only four ingredients and 45 minutes you’ve got yourself a sweet, gooey, cinnamony treat. The main thing you’ll need is store-bought biscuit dough. The other three ingredients are butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

You’ll find many variations of monkey bread on the internet, but this is my favorite and also particularly easy. I’m not why the word “monkey” is in the title but perhaps it’s because you pull apart the bread like a monkey might.

I like making this bread for brunch. It gets eaten so fast so you might want to make more than one.

This recipe is best made in a Bundt pan or a fluted tube pan because of the round shape with open center.

If you’ve never had monkey bread, please try this recipe. It’s truly amazing and easy to make!





Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease 12-cup fluted tube cake pan.

Cut each biscuits into four pieces. In a medium sized bowl, add one cup brown sugar and four teaspoon ground cinnamon. Mix well, then dip few pieces of biscuit at a time, start layering prepared pan. Once you are about halfway through stop.


Place butter and the other cup of sugar in a medium sized heavy bottom sauce pan. Melt butter and sugar over medium heat until completely melted.


Drizzle one thirds of the sauce over the prepared biscuits. Then repeat the process with the remaining biscuit and layer over the buttered sauce. Next drizzle over two thirds of the sauce. Leave the rest of the sauce for later use. Arrange pan in the center of the preheated oven.


Bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown and no longer doughy in center (cooking time may vary depending on the oven or pan you use). Cool in pan for 5 minutes. Place a serving plate over the pan then turn upside down onto serving plate.

Gently warm up the reserved sauce and drizzle over the top of the finished monkey bread and enjoy!


Serves 8-10

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